Hydro I.V. tm has a similar onset time to traditional alcoholic beverages which allows for a familiar stacking effect. Drinking more Hydro I.V. can create a more intense experience depending on time and quantity, similar to beer and wine. As with all cannabis beverages, it’s important to start low and go slow in order to learn what works best for you. Hydro Life recommends starting with 1 stick w/ 16 oz of water ,  Drink half ,per hour. 

Beginner Hydro I.v. dosing (low tolerance):

5mg-15mg per use. Think of this as drinking a beer or a white claw.  


Intermediate Hydro I.v.dosing (medium tolerance):

15mg-45mg per use Think of this as drinking glass or 2 of Wine. 


Advanced Hydro I.v.dosing (low tolerance):

45mg-150 per use Think of this as a strong cocktail.  Check out our Recipes if you love a good Cannitail

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