Our Story

Cultivating Wellness Through Nature and changing the norms for a better lifestyle. 

Scientist in Greenhouse

Bringing natural solutions supported by science to the people.  We say no to big pharma


HYDROLIFE™  is dedicated to empowering people to live their best lives and reclaim balance through the Power of Nature.

Our mission is to make the healing power of plants accessible and affordable to everyone.

Through product, social, & scientific innovation, we create formulas with plants and herbs that have been used safely in indigenous diets and traditions for centuries.  Our mantra is “Live your best life, every day.”

For us, hydration is happiness. We believe nature has the best remedies that have the power to support your overall well-being to keep you active, healthy, and happy. Because if you’re feeling good, you’re feeling happier.

Giveback to America 

We are an American Company, and Produce and Manufacure here in the USA.  We Firmly believe in providing Jobs here in America, but also giving back to our communities. In 2021, we donated a part of our proceeds to a non profit in Chicago, IL focusing on humanitarian relief. We had to start somewhere if we wanted to make a real impact.  Next year, We Plan on expanding to economically hit communties in the US. We plan on continuing this mission with your support.  If you have a Non-Profit that supports US Communities Please reach out to us Here.  Join us in our Journey Living the Hydro Life

Volunteer Team